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"Morgan Lynsey's pure-toned voice & keen sense
of adventure & love bring a liveliness to the audience's ears." 

- South Magazine


Morgan Lynsey, originally from Virginia, has lived the life of an adventurous nomad, having called home to NYC, LA, and Nashville. Now establishing herself as a Richmond artist “The Gypsy” (nicknamed by RVA locals) is back. The pop-country vocalist and songwriter is returning to her pure country roots, joining the band Harley Boone. She is excited to have found a band that feels like home and thrilled for what they are creating.


Morgan was born with a deep love of music and began writing her own songs at age 8. The voice lessons she begged mom for paid off when she received a scholarship to attend a NYC conservatory. At AMDA, she studied music and acting. This gave her wings that carried her west to LA. But music is what stuck, as it was her first love and greatest passion. After writing and recording with pop producers in LA, and in her words “recording a lot of bad pop music”, Morgan decided to return to a sound true to her. Morgan released a country song, “Gypsy Hearts” in 2017. The stunning single is a fun, free-spirited story of adventures on the road. It glorifies simple living and is a reflection of the life she’s lived over the years, welcoming change and following her dreams.


You can take the girl out of the country, but not the country out of the girl. When the LA scene seemed underwhelmed by her country sound, instinct told her to move on. Her next move was Nashville, where country music thrives! In music city, Morgan’s songs were well received. She had the opportunity to write and collaborate with many successful writers and musicians. Morgan developed her songwriting skills and recorded with some of the best in Nashville, including bandmates and producers of country superstars, Luke Combs and Lee Brice.


As much as Nashville felt like home, Morgan decided to make her “home-base” Richmond, VA. Just a quick flight from Nashville for writing sessions and recording, Richmond has a growing music scene with lots of opportunity. Morgan’s diverse experience, killer tone and dedication to her craft is just what the seven piece country band, Harley Boone, had been searching for in a lead singer. Ready to take it to the next level, the band is a local favorite who merge country, bluegrass, and rock elements into a sharp contemporary sound. The band’s goals are bigger than ever, now focused on writing and incorporating original music that represents their classic yet edgy “down-home” style. The natural chemistry between this new group is magic! Showcasing each band member’s charismatic personalities and undeniable talent, their fun and unique vibe keeps folks dancing all night long!


Whatever the future has in store for Morgan Lynsey, she is exactly who she is - honest, authentic, ever-changing. Her aim will always be to connect with people through music, share her stories, and lift those around her with a smile and a song!


Follow her journey @morganlynseyofficial

"The Gypsy"


© 2017 Morgan Lynsey