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Based in Richmond, VA.
Genre - Country 
5 piece band : female lead vocals, guitar (vocals), bass (vocals) drums, acoustic guitar (vocals) 
*add fiddle (vocals) for
6 piece*



Based in Richmond, The Morgan Lynsey Band continues to win hearts with their infectious charismatic energy and incredible musicianship. The band includes Morgan Lynsey’s soulful vocals, three-part harmonies, electric guitar, bass, keys/pedal steel , and drum (add a fiddle player, if desired). The dynamic group of musicians possess diverse instrumentation, killer vocals, and an unrivaled passion for music.


Morgan’s stunning single “Gypsy Hearts” is a fun, free-spirited story of adventures on the road. It glorifies simple living and exploring the beauty of the Earth. It is a reflection of the life she’s lived, traveling as a musician, welcoming change and following her dreams. Her most recent single "Magic" is an instant classic love song, describing the magic of a soul connection, which makes for a perfect wedding song! More originals are soon to be released, so stay tuned! 


MLB’s sound is a mix of energetic country/pop and rock ‘n roll. From Classic Rock, to Motown, Blues, 80’s/90’s/2000’s Pop and Country Hits, AND all of Morgan Lynsey's originals, this band will have you singing along and dancing the night away! They are guaranteed to be a welcoming and energizing experience that won’t disappoint!