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Based in Richmond, VA.
Genre - Country 
5 piece band : female lead vocals, guitar (vocals), bass (vocals) drums, keys   (vocals) 
*add fiddle (vocals) for
6 piece*



Based in Richmond, The Morgan Lynsey Band continues to win hearts with their infectious charismatic energy and incredible musicianship. The band includes Morgan Lynsey’s soulful vocals, three-part harmonies, electric guitar, bass, keys/pedal steel , and drum (add a fiddle player, if desired). The dynamic group of musicians possess diverse instrumentation, killer vocals, and an unrivaled passion for music.


Morgan’s stunning single “Gypsy Hearts” is a fun, free-spirited story of adventures on the road. It glorifies simple living and exploring the beauty of the Earth. It is a reflection of the life she’s lived, traveling as a musician, welcoming change and following her dreams. Her next single "Magic" is an instant classic love song, describing the magic of a soul connection, which makes for a perfect wedding song! Morgan's latest single "Wildfire" is energetic anthem that will have you singing and dancing around the room! More originals are soon to be released, so stay tuned! 


MLB’s sound is a mix of energetic country/pop and rock ‘n roll. From Classic Rock, to Motown, Blues, 80’s/90’s/2000’s Pop and Country Hits, AND all of Morgan Lynsey's originals, this band will have you singing along and dancing the night away! They are guaranteed to be a welcoming and energizing experience that won’t disappoint!

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